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Nicole Junkermann is on a roll

Nicole Junkermann, the renowned businesswoman and investor based in London, is the founder of NJF Holdings. Born in Germany 40 years ago, she always tries to focus on innovation when planning her investments.

“I constantly look for ideas with the potential to change industries and traditional business models. Fortunately I have been successful in many of my investments, but obviously not in all. As a matter of fact, if an investor tells you that he is successful in all his investments he is lying. One thing is certain, if you seek to revolutionize an industry or a traditional business model by betting on technology and innovation, you have a high probability of success: but the mere idea is not enough, it must also be executed. I have invested in business models and great ideas that have not succeeded because the execution has not been good, there are so many factors for a business to succeed that it is very difficult to find the formula for success. But this i can tell you: if you have a good idea, you are constant , you work and you innovate, you will have a better chance of succeeding than the rest”.

Nicole Junkermann entrepreneur: innovation

Junkermann is on a roll. Her investments, always focused on the technological component, are countless. Blockchain is one out of many: with over 58 million wallets, $6200B transacted, and the lowest fees in the industry, it’s no wonder it’s arguably the most trusted cryptocurrency wallet.

“The blockchain is undoubtedly a revolution, which goes far beyond cryptocurrencies. The blockchain can be applied to many industries and cases. The concept of having decentralized information and management in an interconnected network is very interesting. Little by little I am sure that it will be more present in people’s lives, especially in sectors such as finance or even for day-to-day procedures. Can you imagine a world in which it is not necessary to go to the notary for each management because there is a blockchain network that validates the operations? The efficiencies and savings in time and resources can be enormous. For companies it can also mean great advances, especially when it comes to streamlining procedures. With “smart contracts” that use blockchain technology to save modifications, any type of negotiation can become much more efficient. The blockchain can also help streamline financial operations because the network can validate the operation in a matter of seconds with the available data. The applications and opportunities around this technology are endless and every day I am surprised by the new uses that are made of it, it will undoubtedly have a super important role for society in the medium and long term”.